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  • 会社概要


    株式会社 パシフィック・イングリッシュ

    代表取締役社長: 原 ジェームス

    創業: 1984年

    従業員: 48名



    教 室:王子校・大在校・別府校



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  • Corporate Identity / 企業理念


    “Working for Everyone’s Happiness!”

    Cultivating global citizens with love, passion, and professionalism.







    Pacific English Code of Ethics


    I am here today to help our students learn. The only reason I have this job and this work is because our students are here, in this school, today, to learn. Our students deserve my very best: my best attention, my best care, my best smile, and my best investment in their learning. As children, they may be having a bad day, but as a professional adult, I may not have a bad day. My work is to be of service to our students and our school.

    Being Of Service

    • Give a kind, warm, and sincere greeting. Use the student’s name.

    • Work to teach, correct, and model real spoken English for all of my students -- all day and every day.

    • Work to elicit correct spoken English from my students. Actively participate in their improvement.

    • Show respect to all of my co-workers, and support them with polite language, humor, positive feedback, and empathy.

    • Give a kind farewell at the end of the day.

    Service Values: My working life in Pacific English

    • I work to build strong, positive relationships with my students and my co-workers.

    • I am always responsive to the needs of my students and my co-workers.

    • I want to create unique, memorable, and personal experiences for our students to give them the treasure of English for their lives.

    • I continuously seek opportunities to innovate and improve my classes.

    • I take responsibility for problems in my classroom and my teaching.

    • I create a work environment of teamwork so that the needs of our students and each other are met.

    • I have the opportunity to continuously learn and grow to be a better teacher.

    • I am earnestly involved in planning for the work I do.

    • I am proud of my professional appearance, language, and behavior.

    • I protect the privacy and security of our students, my fellow employees, and the company’s confidential information and assets.

    • I am responsible for cleanliness in the school and for creating a safe and accident-free learning environment.

    The Teacher’s Promise

    • At Pacific English, as educators, we conduct ourselves in a professional manner.

    • We are the most important resource in our school and our commitment to our students is essential for their success.

    • Through trust, honesty, respect, integrity, and commitment, we nurture our students and each other.

    • At PES, we respect diversity as a key value to enhance the quality of life for our staff and our students.

    • We will not tolerate, in any way or towards anyone, any form of bullying or harassment – within our student body or in our workplace among co-workers.

    • There is only room for sincere goodness in our school and through it, the happiness of all who come here.

  • Careers

    Working at Pacific English

    Are you ready to make the promise?

    Do you want to join a diverse international team of teachers?


    At Pacific English, we offer both full-time and part-time teaching positions teaching in our nursery schools, our after-school programs, and with our corporate clients.


    If you would like to join the PES team, send a resume and cover letter to recruit@pacificenglish.jp.